Rustic Wedding Albums

Here’s a little known fact about Love Tree Photography:

We smudge our albums before they go out the door. Yup. You heard that clearly. Not only do we burn sage and cleanse our albums with the smoke we also use crystals around our albums to purify them before they go off to our client’s homes. I kinda kept that hush hush before because I thought people might think I’m a little weird for doing that, but since I always ask my clients to be vulnerable and to let their walls down and put themselves out there I figured I should be doing the same.

I always set an intention for the day before we begin shooting. Usually it’s something along the lines of “be present, be open to visual cues from the universe, and shoot this wedding from a place of love and compassion.” I design all of our albums with the same mindset, however after the original design leaves our studio it passes through a lot of different hands. There are people who make and embroider and cut fabrics, there are people who mount images, people who bind pages and stitch the album together. There are people in shipping and receiving, and postal workers from New York City to Vancouver. You never know who might have had a bad day along the way, or who might just be carrying some negative energy with them when they handle the album. Since all of the couples we are dealing with have relatively new marriages I am really conscious about emotionally, mentally & spiritually supporting the union & offering blessings wherever I can for the newlyweds. (it’s really not hard to do – since we only shoot about 20 weddings per year we really aim to work with people we adore!)

In fact most mornings I shoot weddings I get up extra early to light incense and meditate, and I often bring the couple into my meditation and prayers and wish them divine love for themselves and each other, great communication between the two of them, support from the universe, balance, joy and happiness, and abundance. Unless a couple is particularly resistant (I certainly don’t like to force my ideals on any one!) I also gift our clients with rose quartz, just as a little extra support in the love department. (It also helps relief stress and anxiety and is lovely to hold, so it’s great if brides are a little stressed in the morning too!)

Sam & John ordered a rustic wedding album with a quaint linen cover. I just adore everything about this album, so here it is, freshly smudged:

Size: 10×10 Custom Fine Art Flush Mounted Wedding Album
Material: Contemporary Linen In “Oatmeal”
Features: 10 Spreads | 20 Pages

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