Lakeside Maternity Session | Sneak Peek

I’ve never been huge on maternity sessions where the mommy-to-be is half naked or wrapped in cheese cloth while dad-to-be kisses her tummy and the whole thing is in black and white except for the pink baby shoes. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Not that I haven’t shot it myself. It’s just that it’s never really spoken to me, or moved me, and it isn’t what I enjoy shooting. I’m always nervous when couples approach me to shoot maternity session because I always end up going back to my root which is that it’s about a love story. Afterall babies don’t usually happen without some sort of love story first. I just feel like engagements and marriage pregnancy and birth and parenthood are all just pieces of a greater story. They are all part of an overall love story. When I shoot I want to shoot from the heart and I want that love story to be evident. I don’t want it to be about baby shoes (though they make a great prop) or about ribbons around bellies. I want it to be about the story.

This story is about Colin & Vicki. Once upon a time they met. Then a time came where he couldn’t wait to see her again and neither could she. They fell madly in love and they felt all giddy inside. He proposed. They had a lovely wedding at the Hart House. Now they are expecting a little boy together, and they will changing from couple to family. It’s a wonderful story if you think about it. I couldn’t think of a better one if I tried. :)


casual lakeside maternity session by award winning photographers Love Tree Photographycasual lakeside maternity session by award winning photographers Love Tree Photography



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