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Well this was different. So this post is going to be different.  A little more honest. A little more raw. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be doing these guys justice.

First let me start by saying I love Apple and Alicia dearly. They have been friends of ours for a long time. In fact back in the day Alicia’s dad made our wedding by melting down the gold from our grandparent’s rings. Alicia, who is also a writer and a goldsmith apprentice has become a very special friend to be over the past six months or so, as we’ve both gotten to know ourselves better as artists. I am very grateful for their friendship.

That being said these two sure gave us a run for our money on their wedding day.
When I think of the anti-bride, Alicia’s face immediately comes to mind. It’s not because she refused to let me shoot her getting ready, even though she hired me to shoot her getting ready (no, that would just be a crazy thing to do), it’s not because she told me that flowers are total bullshit and she didn’t want a bouquet, and it’s not because she spent her first look with her hand out waiting for Apple to hand over her earrings.  And when their ceremony started it’s not like she refused to walk up an aisle, or just clapped her hands and said “Okay, we’re getting married now so get over here”, and left me crushed between her and her guests so that I could  barely get far enough away to focus my camera. OK, maybe it was some of those things. As crazy as the experience was at times, I do believe that through challenges comes growth, and not only was I forced to conquer my fear of being too close during the ceremony, but without being able to fall back on safe poses or compositions I was forced to see and shoot purely with my heart.

I’m not sure I ever have before. I’ve always had this list of shots in my head that I “have to get” for fear that I’d make a client mad if I missed them, but with Apple and Alicia pretty much saying you know how to do your job so just go do it, it gave me a lot more creative freedom than I’ve ever experienced shooting a wedding before and for that I will be forever grateful.

To be reminded that love exists and looks differently for everyone is a lesson I will hold very dear to my heart going forward. It seems simple, but in an industry where fashion, beauty and ego reign supreme, it is a harder task than one might think – to really see people for who they really are. It is next to impossible when people don’t let you into their lives.

So Alicia & Apple, thank you for being real. Thank you for saying “fuck” more than I do, so I didn’t feel so bad. Thank you for letting your own walls down. Thank you for sharing your amazing love with me.
Much love to the both of you. Wishing you both many years of health, love, and laughter together.

Big ups to Brad, Fran & Lily who all helped out with shooting this wedding so that Brad could be a guest for a portion of it. <3
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yaletown wedding photographer

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the-parlour-yaletown-wedding-015greek dancing at a wedding in yaletown vancouver


Vendor List:
Photography Team: Love Tree Photography
Lead Photographer: Kendra Coupland
Secondary Shooter: Fran Chelico, Brad Coupland
Assistant: Lily Ditchburn
Bride’s Dress: Frocks, Dessy Collection (Vivian Diamond)
Groom’s Attire: Harry Rosen, Canali
Wedding Bands: Alfonso Goldsmith Corporation
Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Parlour, Yaletown
Officiant: John Kerr
Makeup & Hair: Gem’s Hair & Makeup
DJ: DJ Goodspin, Prime Collective DJs
Flowers & Cake: Stefanie Sblendorio, Flour Petals



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