Wedding – Tony & Christine

We have known Tony & Christine for about 5 or 6 years now, have been lucky enough to be able to call them friends. They have been so supportive of our photography endeavors that it was a true honour to be able to capture their wedding for them in November.

Tony & Christine were so outgoing the whole day and so much fun to be around (That’s not a surprise though, they are a blast to be around every day!) We started the day off at Christine’s house where her and bridesmaids got ready, and after some quick emergency alterations, they wrapped up their hair and makeup and locked the boys outside, playing games with the groom before they let him in to see his bride. Tony & Christine had a quick tea ceremony for her father & popo (grandmother) before they jetted off to Lois Lanes for some playful portraits in the bowling alley.

After that we drove out to Steveson United Church where they had an intimate ceremony with their nearest and dearest. Since it was pouring rain that day we shot the family portraits right there in the church before we headed over to The Richmond Oval for a few for group portraits before we headed to dinner at Jade Seafood Restaurant.

We arrived early to the reception hall expecting to have a tea ceremony for the rest of their family but Christine’s traditional Chinese dress had been left at the house so the groom raced back to Burnaby to pick it up before the festivities began – what a guy!! With her red dress on and her arms lined in beautiful gold bracelets from her father they began a tea ceremony for the elder members of their family, before we took a few more family portraits at the reception. Then we ate, and ate, and ate, and ate. I kid you not I have NEVER seen so much food in my life. I was stuffed for two days after! The newlyweds mingled with their guests, shared some laughs in the photobooth and toasted each and every one of their guests with the help of their parents and wedding party. Despite the rain it was an amazing day!

Bigups to Michelle Dixon over at Michelle Lana Photography who helped to capture the day!

Christine & Tony we are both so happy for you! We know you two have a long life of laughter, good times and love ahead of you. Welcome to the Mr & Mrs club, and for pete’s sake we wanna see some babies soon!!

Lots of love to both of you,
Kendra & Brad




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