Kendra and Brad are not only great photographers but amazing people as well. They are extremely professional but also very accessible, warm, welcoming and kind.


Kendra and Brad offered a complete and professional package that was stellar from beginning to end. We had a wedding that focused on friends and family, and our aim was to have a party that people would remember for the rest of there lives. We put a huge amount of effort into our wedding day, and Kendra and Brad Matched that effort!


I feel like no matter what words I put down, it wouldn't even begin to describe our experience. Amazing. Talented. Kind. Patient. An outstanding pair of photographers!


Kendra and Brad are real, down to earth people who see the raw beauty in people and their surroundings. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed and capture moments that take your breath away.



We believe in the power of human connection. We believe in being emotionally connected to everyone we photograph. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone has a story worth telling – this is our fundamental belief.

The most magical and meaningful moments in our lives are often disguised as mundane day-to-day occurrences – a smile of gratitude, a knowing look, a compassionate touch. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to show someone what they might be missing. We aim to refresh the world’s perspective on love every time we pick up our cameras.

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