About Us

We are heart-centered, eco-conscious, creative documentary photographers based out of Vancouver, BC, and we photograph weddings and stories about love all around the world.


So what does that mean?

We believe in the divine power of love. We believe that love transforms the human spirit. Love has the power to transform anger into compassion, hurt into forgiveness, suffering into peace, longing into gratitude, and loneliness into companionship.  If there is one thing worth celebrating in life, it is without a doubt, love.

We know that love comes in many shapes and sizes, and in many forms. From romantic unions, to love from a mother to a child, to love for oneself, we believe there is not an instant of love not worth documenting. It is what gives meaning to life. Love is the basis of joy. We feel that joy whenever we pick up our cameras and see friends laughing together, lovers enjoying the company of one another, or families celebrating good times. We feel blessed every time we are given the opportunity to document what it means to be human, and what it means to love.

When we are not documenting love you will find us with the true loves of our lives, our daughter Tia (She’s almost five, and is quickly developing passion for photography) and our furbaby Ellie (She’s a goldendoodle). The three of us love to travel the world together and experience a wide variety of arts and cultures from around the globe. We love to laugh together. We embrace awkwardness, quirkiness, and everything else that makes us fallibly human. We value the power of intimacy and vulnerability, and recognize that they have the ability to transform people. Almost every night after dinner we put records on and make time to dance together in our living room.

In her spare time Kendra loves to meditate, read, write, paint, knit and do yoga. You will always find crystals in her pockets and her hair will be different every time you see her. Her favourite book is The Little Prince. She lives by the mantra: “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

In his spare Brad loves to build cardboard rocketships and robots with Tia, rollerblade with our dog Ellie, and kayak on the Shuswap Lake at his family’s cabin. He’s currently working on a greenhouse project which he’s sourcing recycled goods for, and enjoys a cold craft beer on the back patio with friends on a hot summer night. He lives by the mantra: “Your state of mind becomes your state of being.”